The below are subject to availability:

Sub Rolls (approx. 6” long) Whole meal only – £2.50 each,
Small Round Rolls Multi grain or Whole meal – £1.50 each-
Brie and Cranberry
Ham and Tomato
Egg Mayo
Tuna Sweetcorn
Tuna Sweetcorn and Red onion
Cheese and Ham
Cheese and Tomato
Cheese and Red Onion
Tuna Cucumber
The above can come with cucumber and tomato as well

Jaffles (Toasted sandwich) White or Multigrain. £4.95 each

Chorizo, Mozzarella, Sundried tomato
Mature Cheese and Smoked ham
Honey Brie and Bacon
Brie and Cranberry
Cheese and Onion
Breakfast, (Bacon Cheese and Egg)

Pizza Slices, Sausage rolls, Scotch eggs, Cheese and onion puff pastries,
Soup – Changes daily worth calling to find out.
Veg Rolls and small pasties.
Various crisps

Salted caramel short jack, Carrot cake, Country slice, Choc fudge cake, Fondant fancy, Honey flapjack, Lemon drizzle slices, Mini mallow tiffin, Battenberg slices, Peanut choc brownie, Swiss roll slices, the list goes on

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