Ooops – missed a week, where has the time gone?

Ooops – missed a week, where has the time gone?

Where has the time gone…….so much has happened in the life of this new beekeeper. Swarms, Royal Bath & West Show, Honey, New Queens, More Swarms, Losses. Firstly the swarms, I have lost count how many there have been now, they say it is a natural way of reproduction for the hive, blimey what a pain! But it is a learning curve.

The first one collected was nice and easy to manage and a surprise to find it the way it was. After strimming furiously and perspiring somewhat!!! (for those of you who know me that will be no surprise!) I wondered up to the first hive to find a small clump of bees sunning themselves on the corner of the hive roof, didn’t think anything particular about it, rather they were just enjoying the sunshine ready to fly.

photo 1

Oh, the naivety of the new beekeeper in their first season with so many hives!!!! I rounded the corner to find a wall of bees covering the entire side of the hive!***??

photo 2

Thankfully I had my nuc box with me and it turned out to be the easiest swarm to collect. Swept them in, left the lid open for the rest to walk in, then lid on, in to the boot of the car and on with the other inspections, all of which were good.


On to the next apiary, regular inspections found queen cells, virgin queen, varroa present and now treated and signs of lots of honey……… the learning curve of the new beekeeper……… my bee mentor did say, ‘You will get more wax than honey this year’ as he laughed, at the time I couldn’t see why, but now am beginning to see the light of what he meant!! Trust me it really is a steep learning curve when you take on so many hives. NB: All new beekeepers please beware and as the saying goes ‘don’t try to run before you can walk’

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