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Item pricing table

itemSale Price KGSale Price Per item
Apples Pink Lady£5.25
Apples Braeburn£3.30
Apples Royal Gala£3.30
Apples Granny Smith£3.30
Apples Cookers £3.50
Aparagus (local) Bunch£3.00
Beetroot Pre-packed£1.30
Bread Rolls x 4 £2.00
Broad Beans6.00
Butter £1.65
Butternut Squash£2.50
Cabbage Hispi£1.50
Cabbage Red /white£1.60
Cabbage Savoy£2.75
Cabbage Tundra£1.50
Caster Sugar 1kg£1.65
Cauliflower Local each£2.50
Celeriac Head£1.20 each
Chilli Red £12.00
Chilli Green£12.00
Clemantine 50p each 6 for £2.50
Coleslaw Pot (Homemade) 350g approx£3.50
Conference Pears£2.75
Cucumber£1.00 each 60p per half
Eggs 6£1.65
Father's Day Hamper "Cheese Ploughman's" £19.99
Fathers Day Hamper "Cheese and Wine"£24.99
Fig Fresh£1.25 each 3 for £3.50
Fine Beans£12.50
Flour Strong White Bread £3.00
Flour Strong Wholemeal Bread£3.00
Flour Dark Rye 1kg£3.00
Flour Plain 1.5kg£3.00
Flour SR 1.5kg£3.00
Fruit Hamper Large
Fruit Hamper Medium
Fruit Hamper Small
Garlic Bulbs£0.50
Ginger Root £9.50
Grapefruit Ruby75p each or 3 for £2.00
Grapes £6.50
Hamper- Fathers Day 1 £24.99
Hamper - Fathers Day 2 £19.99
Hamper - Fruit Large/ Exoctic£19.99
Hamper- Fruit Medium£14.99
Hamper- Fruit Small£9.99
Honeydew Galia Melon each£2.50
Kiwi60p each 4 x £2.00
Lemons60p each 3 for £1.50
Lettuce Iceberg£1.50
Lettuce Little gem £1.50
Mixed Leaf Salad Bag£1.95
Lime35p each £1.20 x 4
Mange Tout£12.00
Milk 2l£1.88
Milk Coconut 1l£2.75
Milk Oat 1l£2.75
Milk Soya 1l£2.75
Mixed Dried Fruit 500g£2.95
Mushroom Chestnut Brown£7.85
Mushrooms Cup£5.50
Mushrooms Flat£6.95
Nectarine£0.75 each 4 for £2.50
Onions Red£1.75
Onions White £1.75
Oranges50p each £2.50 x 6
Pasta Macaroni 500g£2.50
Pasta Spirals 300g£1.95
Passion Fruit80p each
Peach £0.75 each 4 for £2.50
Peas in Pod Local£7.77
Potato Majorcan new
Potato Cornish New £3.50
Potato Red£1.50
Potatoes Bakers£2.00 x 4
Potatoes Washed White£1.50
Potatos Maris Piper£1.50
Potato salad (Homemade) 350g approx£3.50
Raspberries Local£2.99
Rhubarb (Local)£3.75
Rice Long Grain 500g£3.00
Salad Potato Bag 1kg£1.85
Spinach Baby Leaf 200g bag £1.95
Spring Onions£1.00
Strawberry Punnet 500g Local£4.00
Sugar Snap Pea£12.00
Sugar Caster 1kg£1.65
Sugar Demerara 1kg£2.50
Sugar Granulated £1.65
Sweet Potato£3.50
Tomato (Cherry on the vine)£5.75
Tomato (on the Vine)£4.00
Tomato (Salad)£3.50
Tomato Chopped£1.20
Tomato passata 1l£2.50
Yeast Dried 500g £5.95
Soft Drink Cans 330ml All varieties £1.00 each
Folkingtons Apple Juice £2.00
Folkingtons Orange juice £2.00
Folkingtons Mango Juice£2.00
Franklins Rhubarb and Apple Juice£2.00
Franklins Lemonade and Elderflower £2.00
Franklins Ginger Beer£2.00
Cider Aspalls Prem Cru 330ml£2.95
Cider Aspalls Imperial 500ml£3.95
Cider Adnams Wave 330ml£2.95
Beer Adnams Mosiac Pale Ale 330ml £3.50
Beer Adnams Dry Hopped Larger £2.95
Beer Peroni and GF 330ml£2.95
Beer Peroni 330ml£2.95
Beer Bitburger 330ml£2.95
Beer Bitburger 0%£1.95
Cheese Brie £12.00
Cheese red Leicester£12.00
Cheese Mature Cheddar£12.00