The honey flow is over and now is time for collection

The honey flow is over and now is time for collection

I’ve been told this time of year is the time to reflect and plan. Hey but first I need to collect the golden amber and collect the wax for for Christmas presents.

So back in May when the oil seed rape was about you could collect the honey before it was capped over now is a totally different game, the honey needs to be fully capped before I take it or the water content is too high and instead of glorious sweet honey that sings on your tounge, you will end up with a form if gelatinous mead. More lessons to learn!! Someone said not to take any honey after the 16th august, this makes sense if you think about it, the girls need to prepare for winter and to do this they need stores (honey) to feed them. If we nick it all then they have nothing and with no forage (food/flowers=nectar) about they can’t create any more.

What I have done is use an old Chinese stalk fisherman phylisophy. One third for the family, one third for commerce and one third for the BEES. Hopefully this leaves enough for them to get through the winter. By the time I have extracted all the frames from my first year of the fantastic hobby I estimate I will have extracted approx 75kg which must mean that the girls have produced in excess of 100kgs this season, not bad for year one and the very very steep learning curve. Now the planning starts for next year…..image


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