The June gap

The June gap

Oki doki, the oil seed rape season is over for another year and onwards with the next crop.
It’s amazing until I started beekeeping I didn’t realise that there was a gap in the flowering season from about the end of May until the middle to end of June. Let’s face it who would know this unless you need the pollens and nectar to keep your hobby alive.
More money needs spending so off to a well known wholesaler to buy 25kg of granulated sugar to make a sugar syrup to feed the girls during this period of no flowers. Go on take a look in your garden or on your next walk into the local forest/park and take a look at the lack of flowers open for our pollinators to feed on.
Now to feed them, I thought I would be ok to feed the girls in the garden without any kit on, well you see others doing it on YouTube and they never get stung…… How wrong can I be and another lesson leaned the hard way….
Hive one open, porter escape removed, eke on, feed tray on, lid on, no problem.
Hive two open, porter escape removed, eke on, bees out on mass OUCH, OUCH again and OUCH again, 3 stings all within 3 seconds and all within 2 inches of each other. Those that know me know I have a large neck now it’s even bigger almost the size it was when I was playing rugby!!
Lesson learned and from now on suit, smoker and a bit of common sense before I do anything with my harem of girls that have a real sting in their tails.
As the saying goes there’s nothing like a woman scorned, especially 50,000+ in one confined place even if you are trying your best to get it right. 20140617-211731-76651716.jpg


  • viccy chappell

    My word you have been busy. the honey is delicious and ought to go well. beautiful pic on this blog.

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    June 17, 2014 at 8:35 pm
  • Thank you

    June 17, 2014 at 8:36 pm